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Flow Music - Online Private Music Lessons, Lessons are designed for adults and teens with at least one year of prior music experience.
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The Flow Music Program

Music Production, Voice, Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Electric Bass, and Songwriting.

The Flow Music Program is designed specifically for adults and teens. All skill and experience levels are welcome. Since lessons are virtual (using Zoom), high speed internet and a computer or tablet are a must. 

Flow Music students are passionate about music, self motivated, and willing to try new things.

50-Min Weekly Lessons

The sweet spot for music lessons is 50 minutes. Each session is long enough for you to become immersed in the creative flow and learn something new. Our lessons will be a high note in your week, leaving you refreshed and inspired.

Personalized Practice Coaching Videos

After each lesson, you'll receive a 3-5 minute personalized practice coaching video. The video will show you exactly how to practice during the week so you will make quick progress. No more practice confusion or stress!

Goal Setting

If you could do anything with your music, what would it be? You and your teacher will talk about your answer to this question and set attainable seasonal goals. Your teacher will customize your lessons based on your goals and The Flow Method. By setting goals, we are able to track your progress and celebrate your accomplishments!

Virtual Community Workshops

We host optional virtual workshops every Winter and Summer. This is a great opportunity to share your work with the Flow Music community. We invite you to share a work in progress, a finished piece, your social media channel, or your latest project. You'll receive positive feedback and connect with new people. You're also welcome to come and listen.

Streamlined, Online

Online lessons work with your busy lifestyle. At your lesson time, click the link for your Zoom lesson from the comfort of your own home. Our online scheduling and secure online payment is intuitive and easy.

Mental Health

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been hard on us all. Many of us are spending more time at home, and it can be isolating. Instead of watching more Netflix, use this time to nourish your self expression! Our lessons will nourish you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. At Flow Music, music becomes a safe space where you can process the ups and downs of life. Then, you'll have more freedom to be yourself.

Questions? Ready to Get Started?

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Flow Music teachers have “a unique passion for both performance and teaching which, I believe, allows (them) to contribute positively to both the student’s musical experience and self-confidence.”

Robert Leroy- Adult Violin Student
Flow Music Teachers Emma Gies and Micah Huang
Group 3

Get To Know Our Teachers

Emma Gies: Voice, Violin, Keyboard

“Hauntingly Gorgeous” -The Boston Globe

-Appearances on NPR’s From The Top and the film Pitch Perfect 3

-Winner of The New England Conservatory’s Entrepreneurial Musicianship Grant, Alumni Award, and Spark Award

 -Masters degree in Contemporary Improvisation from The New England Conservatory of Music 

-6+ years of teaching experience and guest lecturer at Skidmore College and Scripps College

Micah Huang: Production, Songwriting, Guitar

“Poignant” -Gene Block, The Chancellor of UCLA

-Winning finalist in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition and semi-finalist in the ISC Songwriting Competition for his song Children of The Endtimes

-Appearances on media outlets KCRW, Now This News, KPBS, Spectrum 1 News, The Mercury News, Orange County Daily Register, and The Los Angeles Daily News

-Masters degree in Composition from Tufts University 

-6+ years of teaching experience and Co-Teacher of Tufts University’s Songwriting Course

We believe that creativity in music is not a mystical black box that will only open itself to a select special few. Everyone has the potential to access it, and at Flow Music we will show you how.

Emma Gies and Micah Huang

Co-Founders Flow Music

Questions? Ready to Get Started?

Send us a message or sign up for a free intro lesson. 

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