Types of yoga

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There are so many different types of yoga out there, whether you want a more advanced class or an easy, relaxing, meditative class. Here’s a list of the different styles we teach here: Hatha yoga Iyengar yoga Kundalini yoga Ashtanga yoga Vinyasa yoga Bikram yoga Yin yoga Restorative yoga Prenatal yoga Anusara yoga Jivamukti yoga

Find your center

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There are a few exercises to help you (re)connect with your body and mind. Deep breathing exercises Mindful meditation Candle glazing meditation

There’s always blue sky

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No matter how cloudy the sky becomes, there is always blue sky on the other side – in the same way that no matter how busy the mind appears, there is always an underlying sense of stillness if we can just stop for long enough for it to appear. Andy Puddicombe